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Delta College To Forgive Student Debt, Totaling $3.6 Million

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Delta College board members recently voted to forgive student loan debt giving students a fresh start.

"The College's Board of Trustees voted on Tuesday, Dec. 14 to eliminate all student debt that is currently on the books for Delta students past and present. That amounts to more than $3.6 million," wrote the Delta College Media Advisory.

This is just one of many other measures the college has put into place to help students struggling in the midst of the pandemic.

This relief program will be funded by federal COVID relief grants which the college also used in past relief efforts such as distributing more than $7.5 million in emergency grants and loaning out hundreds of laptops and textbooks free of charge.

College also mentioned that not only will this be financially beneficial, but students who have had holds placed on their education due to outstanding debt will be able to re-enroll and finish their education.

"I'm grateful to Delta's Board of Trustees for taking this action and for putting students first," said Acting Superintendent/President Dr. Lisa Aguilera Lawrenson. "Many of our students struggle to pay their bills and put food on the table, which makes it all the more difficult for them to reach their educational goals. We absolutely must do everything we can to help them persevere."

This year, the Federal Reserve estimated that student loan debt in the United States hit a record $1.7 trillion.

While Delta College is still on the affordable side compared to many other colleges, many students on their campus still struggle to pay for their education.

"Now those existing debts are being wiped away. It is not yet clear when the process will be finalized, but no action is required on the part of students," said the Delta College Media Advisory.

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