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Davis Will Spend $350,000 To Replace LED Lights After Neighbor Complaints

DAVIS (CBS13) — After the city installed 650 new LED lights in May designed to save money, several neighbors complained about them, so Davis city leaders will spend $350,000 to replace the lights.

Inez Sanchirico says the bright blue light from the street is more like a spotlight that shines into her Davis home.

"It goes right into our bedroom right into our backyard," she said. "We're thrilled they're switching the bulbs."

Enough neighbors complained about the brightness and the cool color temperature of the new LED bulbs that the city put a pause on its energy savings project this summer.

Now, after surveying neighbors, public works officials announced at the City Council meeting that it plans to replace the 650 LED street lights mere months after they were put up.

Shooting hoops with his son under one of the offending lights, Joel Bramer says he doesn't see what the big deal is.

"Too much glare at night? That's, that makes no sense," he said. "That's too bad; that's a waste."

CBS13 asked Mitch Sears from public works why the city is spending so much to replace the lights it just put up.

"While it's true that many people within the community have expressed support for the lights, we've actually received more concerns about the brightness of the lights," he said.

He says the replacements are LED bulbs with a warmer look and they use 30 percent less energy. It's an upfront cost he says will save Davis money in the end.

"At some point you have to fish instead of cutting bait, so that's what we're doing now," he said.

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