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Fake bomb threat sent to two Davis teachers leaves parents on edge

Parents overwhelmed by fake bomb threat sent to school in Davis
Parents overwhelmed by fake bomb threat sent to school in Davis 02:53

DAVIS — Two teenagers were detained on Thursday after, police say, they emailed false bomb threats to two teachers and the Davis Police Department.

Holmes Middle School and Davis Senior High School had a delayed start due to canceled classes during the investigation. However, students were welcomed back to campus once the teenagers were in custody.

Parents who spoke to CBS13 said they were concerned about the threat when they received an email and automated voicemail Wednesday to notify them that classes were canceled at both schools, according to the Davis Chief of Police Darren Pytell.

"When people send in these threats, I don't think they're fully aware of or understanding of how detrimental it is; it causes fear, anxiety, confusion," said Pytell.

He says the teenagers will have their cases sent to the Juvenile Probation Department and will likely be punished by the Davis Joint Unified School District.

"School is supposed to be a safe place; this isn't supposed to happen," one parent told CBS13 after she dropped her child off at school when families were given the all-clear.

Pytell said threats were sent to two teachers, who reported the threats to the Superintendent.

"In this particular case, we had some seriously misguided youth who made a really bad judgment's a crime and we've taken steps to deal with the crime," said Pytell.

Trained clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Angela Drake told CBS13 that the conversations with families and children that come from these incidents are essential to prepare children for future high-anxiety moments.

"That dialogue is what really helps kids be resilient," said Drake.

Drake says before parents or guardians have a conversation with their students, they must ensure their anxieties are taken care of and addressed. She told CBS13 that parents should seek out another adult or partner to walk through how they feel to ensure they do not pass any concerns onto children.

"If you're anxious, the kids know it; it communicates to them," she said.

Classes resumed at Holmes Middle and Davis Senior High schools before 11 a.m. on Thursday.

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