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Davis ranks #1 in U.S. as the most bike-friendly city, study says

Morning headlines - 05/26/2023
Morning headlines - 05/26/2023 01:48

May is National Bike Month and Davis is proud to hold the bragging rights to being the top bike-friendly city in the country. 

In a study conducted by CoworkingCafe, California dominated the list with 8 spots in the top 20. San Francisco came in second place and Oakland in fifth position. Sacramento came in at 17th place.

Bike city

Researchers analyzed various factors, including infrastructure, traffic safety, weather, commuters who ride a bike to work, number of coworking options with bike amenities, and bike-sharing services.

In the top 20 list, Davis is the only city that achieved maximum points for the traffic safety index as they had no bike accidents recorded in recent years. Sacramento, however, got 13 points for the safety metric, with 3.1 bike accidents per 100,000 people in five years. 

Davis also registered the highest points for the commute metric at 13.8% share of bike commuters. In Sacramento, only 1.6% of the working population rides a bike to work. 

In addition, Davis has spent months building construction at Davis Senior High and now, the multi-use path near the high school and the Community Park is open. The Third Street Bike Counter is also back with digital readings as to how many cyclists have ridden past it.

Davis ranks #1 in U.S. for the most bike-friendly city, study says
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