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Dog Kept Guard Over Owner David Deshon Who Was Found Dead In Snow

FORESTHILL (CBS13) — David Deshon was found dead two days after he was reported missing near his Foresthill home last week - but his dog wouldn't leave his side, family says.

baby dog

"He didn't die alone. He didn't die alone at all," said David's daughter, Shona.

Shona believes her father's car got stuck in the snow and the 69-year-old tried to hike home with his two dogs Baby Dog and Buddy.

"He tried to hike up 200 feet that way and decided [to] and came back," Shona said. "You can see his tracks in the snow."

The Placer County Sheriff's Office says David's body was found in the snow 100 yards from a neighbor's home.

"And Baby Dog stayed with him," Shona said. "[He was] on his chest to keep him warm."

Baby Dog would not let rescuers anywhere near David, the family says. Deputies had to fetch a neighbor who knew Baby Dog to corral him.

David's other dog, Buddy, was later found up at a neighbor's home. Both have been taken to the Placer County Animal Services facility in Auburn.

Buddy is being treated with antibiotics, but the family says Baby Dog is suffering from a broken heart.

Shona says she cannot take both dogs at this time because her fence blew down with the last storm.

"I just feel like I need to take Baby Dog because he is part of my dad now," Shona said.

Shona says she's thankful and grateful for the help in bringing the dogs and her father home.

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"I got to tell my dad goodbye and that I loved him and kissed him," Shona said.

Buddy will be available for adoption at the facility once he is off antibiotics.

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