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Daughter of Stockton serial killer's Oakland victim speaks out

Daughter of Stockton serial killer's victim speaks out
Daughter of Stockton serial killer's victim speaks out 02:28

STOCKTON - Seven shootings attributed to a serial killer in Stockton have left six people dead. Investigators are continuing their hunt for the man who has terrorized the city. 

CBS13 spoke to the family of Miguel Vazquez, an Oakland man who is believed to have been the killer's first victim. Vazquez was shot and killed in April, and so far, his death is the only one outside of Stockton linked to the serial killer. 

Miguel Vazquez
Stockton serial killer's Oakland victim, Miguel Vazquez. Handout

His daughter says the updates in the investigation have been hard to hear.

"Finding out that a serial killer had killed my dad -- the memories came back, and emotionally, I'm still not over it yet," said Vazquez's daughter Inez Vazquez.

Ines says her dad was living on the streets and that he was likely living out of his car when he was shot multiple times and killed. Some of the other murder victims were also homeless and all but one were Hispanic.

She says she can't understand why this happened to her father and the others.

"Why is he choosing to do this? Why is he killing people, going out there and not knowing that the people he is doing that to is leaving behind families, sons daughters husbands, a wife, it's just not fair," she said 

Ballistics testing tied this shooting to the six others that happened in Stockton. There's only been one survivor: a woman in Stockton who was shot a few days after Miguel.

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