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D'Agostini Ranch Opens Doors To Dozens Of Caldor Fire Evacuees

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — As the Caldor Fire continues to burn fast, communities all over the Sacramento region are making efforts to help.

Just miles from a Caldor Fire evacuation zone, the owners of D'Agostini Ranch opened their doors to those desperate for shelter. They were helping dozens of evacuees who were unsure what the future holds.

"We've all had this shared trauma. We've all had the threat of our homes or the fact that our homes are gone to really forge those lasting bonds," said Spencer Triebull-Baireuther, an evacuee.

Donations provided clothes, camping gear and three meals a day.

"I think a lot of people don't want to go too far knowing that this is a good halfway point for them. They're still close enough to home to not be too detached," Lanea North.

Their animals were fed and sheltered, too.

Another act of kindness for evacuees took us onto a high school volleyball court. The El Camino girls volleyball team put together gift baskets for players in the El Dorado High team who had been evacuated. They were handed out before the game earlier this week.

It's been a time of need, as many wait—and many were stepping up. Casey Marroquin had to shut down her restaurant as the Caldor flames got closer and closer. But the thought was with her customers.

"That is what keeps me up at night because I care so much about the community and want to be open in times of need," she said.

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