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Suspects Released On $0 Bail In Yolo County Since Start Of Pandemic Have Committed Hundreds Of New Crimes

Suspects Released On $0 Bail In Yolo County Since Start Of Pandemic Have Committed Hundreds Of New C by CBS Sacramento on YouTube

YOLO COUNTY (CBS13) - As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the lives of California inmates, the release of inmates to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has also had a negative impact on the public in the form of hundreds of new crimes, according to Yolo County D.A. Jeff Reisig.

On Tuesday, Reisig shared the ongoing impacts related to California Judicial Council's statewide emergency $0 bail order, which went into effect April 13 but was rescinded in June.

He says that since April 13, 266 people have been arrested and released 305 times, with some benefitting from $0 bail on multiple occasions. Those who have re-offended since their release on $0 bail in Yolo County have committed over 247 new crimes in Yolo County. New crimes include 105 felonies and 142 new misdemeanors, including assault with a deadly weapon and/or likely to produce great bodily injury (12 victims), robbery (5 victims), Burglary (12 new victims), felony domestic violence (3 new victims), possession of an assault weapon, gang crimes and dozens of other new felony and misdemeanor crimes.


Here is a quick summary of $0 bail releases and new crimes in Yolo County, as a result of $0 bail order releases:

  • 266 individuals have been released a total of 305 times
  • 247 new crimes committed by individuals after being released
  • 105 new felonies committed by individuals released
  • 142 new misdemeanors committed by individuals released
  • 83 individuals have been rearrested a total of 135 times after being released
  • Individuals have been arrested on 56 bench warrants / outside agency warrants since their release
  • Individuals have been arrested on 21 Parole/Probation violations since their release.
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