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Cracks In Davis Pool Leaking 7,000 Gallons Of Water A Day During Drought

DAVIS (CBS13) — Water worries at a Davis pool as a crack is causing thousands of gallons of water to leak out every single day.

Swimmers who use the pool every day weren't aware of the problem, but now they want something done about it.

The pool loses about 7,000 gallons each day because of leaks.

City engineers agree with swim instructor Stu Hahn's assessment that cracks in pool's skimmers are the reason for the lost water.

"It's not a single leak that they've identified," he said. "It's throughout the whole system."

Open each lid and the result is the same—the pipe has detached from the plastic coating.

"Every time waves splash through, a little bit of water comes out but over the course of the day we use this pool 12 hours a day for swimming so there is a lot of waves and unfortunately there is a lot of loss," he said.

If the city just drains the pool, the structure could become compromised and leave the city with the decision to either close it permanently, or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a new pool.

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