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Cousins Trick Thief Into Returning Stolen Car He Tried To Sell On Craigslist

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Two cousins recovered a stolen car less than 24 hours after the alleged crime when the suspect may have made a bad decision.

"I get there, I see the guy, and he's like 'This is it,' and I'm like, 'Ya this is it, no kidding,' said Miguel Arteaga.

That's the reaction you have when the guy who stole your cousin's car tries to sell it back to you. Arteaga and his cousin work at a body shop off of Elkhorn. Rodolpho's car was parked in the back after he had some body work done.

But on Tuesday morning, someone jumped the fence, stole the car and used it as a battering ram to get out. The ramming caused serious damage to the car and the fence.

That same day, thinking it was a long shot, Rodolpho checked Craigslist for his car and found it.

"I was like, why are you so stupid?" he said. "How is it possible you put my car on Craigslist?"

Dumb, yes, but at least the thief was honest—he mentioned the car had some minor bumper damage in the ad. That likely came from the escape.

After some texts back and forth, Miguel arranged the meetup just a few blocks away. The thief showed up with phony title in hand.

Miguel convinced the crook to let him take a test drive, which bought time to call the California Highway Patrol and get them involved. They showed up and arrested him.

"Ya, definitely, dumbest guy ever," Miguel said.

Rodolfo's car is in pretty bad shape, but he's happy to have it back, and now he and his cousin may have another career option if the auto body work doesn't pan out.

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