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Deputies Injured During Reported Inmate Escape Attempt At Solano County Courthouse

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — Three deputies were injured when a man tried to escape from an underground holding cell at the Solano County Courthouse.

A blaring siren would let everyone inside the Solano County Courthouse know that something was wrong. Most thought it was a fire, but deputies say the fire alarm was set off during a suspected escape attempt.

"This is very unusual," said Deputy Daryl Snedeker.

They say a maximum security prisoner being escorted for a court date decided to take on three deputies in the transportation tunnels of the jail.

At one point, deputies say the inmate would take a fire extinguisher off the wall and try to use it as a weapon.

CBS13 cameras caught the crime scene behind the courthouse. Deputies would eventually subdue the prisoner with a stun gun.

The three deputies were taken to the hospital and will recover. The prisoner also went to the hospital.

Meanwhile, those attempting to carry out court business were forced to wait for some time, while the building was cleared and eventually reopened.

As for what happened, and if anything could have been done differently, deputies say they're looking into it.

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