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Country Club Plaza Macy's Closes Its Doors For Good

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A landmark closed its doors for the last time on Sunday afternoon. The Macy's department store on Watt Avenue and El Camino Avenue is one of 36 stores across the country to shut down this year.

"They were good to us and it's just hard to have to say goodbye," said Mauren Klironomos, who worked in the store for 8 years. "I think that's why everybody so sad because it's a good store to work for it's the best one."

In their final moments, Klironomos and her former co-workers, Jessica Manzo and Leta Vasquez, reflected on getting the news that their store was closing.

"It was a shock, I think it was a shock for everybody," said Manzo, who worked at the store for seven years.

Vasquez, who has worked there for 11 years, said she too was surprised because the store's sales numbers were high and the shoppers were loyal.

"Customers would call us by name they would bring us lunch," she said.

The store was supposed to close at 7 p.m. on Sunday but by the afternoon, all of the merchandise was gone. So the doors closed early at 4. Many stores in the mall next door have also closed down, but not Woody's Grill and Bar.

"We're looking forward actually to this transition and the opportunity of new businesses coming in," said Jeff Haggart, the restaurant's general manager.

WinCo Foods has announced they're building a store on the lot and Cinema West is building a movie theater. For Haggart, it means a whole new batch of customers.

"You know we're going to weather the storm and you know be here standing strong when the next tenant comes in to fill that store," he said.

"We're more than coworkers, we were a family," Manzo said.

And just to have a little something to hold onto, Maureen took home an iconic piece of the Macy's logo.

"Two stars off the building," she said, with a twinkle in her eye. "I wanted the the big one up there but they said 'do you know how big that is?'"

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