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Could a new megacity be coming to Solano County?

Mega city survey delivered to Solano County residents
Mega city survey delivered to Solano County residents 02:39

SOLANO COUNTY — Could a new megacity be coming near Travis Air Force Base in Solano County?

A new survey is asking people in the area if they would support a ballot measure proposing the project. It comes just after a mystery company has purchased 52,000 acres around Travis Air Force Base.

The land in and around Flannery Road has been bought over time by a single company called Flannery Associates. Now, a survey circulating in Solano County says an initiative might be coming with "a project that would include a new city, with tens of thousands of homes, a large solar energy farm, orchards, with over a million new trees, and over ten thousand acres of parks and open space."

Marilyn Farley received the survey request. We asked her about it and what stood out to her.

"Well, they were promising a lot of people a lot of things," Farley said.

The survey asked if residents would support the initiative if Solano County residents were given priority assistance to buy or lease homes in this new project.

Congressmember John Garamendi is calling the survey a setup.

"Do you believe that they're trying to build a new city here?" CBS13's Steve Large asked.

"No," Garamendi said. "I mean, to build a new city there is an extraordinary task."

"Over my nearly five decades of experience in public life, with hundreds of surveys I've paid for as well as hundreds and maybe thousands that I've looked at, this is a B.S. survey."

Garamendi says the survey questions are posed for favorable answers. He's been battling to learn the identity of the Flannery and Associates group along with other local lawmakers.

So far, the group, headquartered in Deleware, has kept secret hiding behind that state's corporate protection laws.

"I do know that they have purchased land that could put Travis Airforce Base and national security at serious risk," Garamendi said. "Why are you hiding?"

CBS13 did reach out to Flannery and Associates attorneys. They did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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