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Neighbors Report Cougar Sighting In South Sacramento Neighborhood

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Multiple people called 911 Wednesday night, reporting a mountain lion sighting. 

Animal Control officers and a Fish and Wildlife warden went on the prowl, looking for something not normally seen in the south Sacramento neighborhood. 

Tammy says she called police after seeing what looked like a mountain lion up on the fence. 

"I wasn't about to get out, so I just dialed 911 and told them I saw a big cat, mountain lion or cougar or something," Tammy said.

She said she's certain this was not a pet house cat. 

"It's cause it had that walk, that little twist when it walked," she said. 

Police said they received several calls about the animal around 5 p.m. in the area of Elder Creek Road and Cougar Drive. 

Fortunately, no kids were on the campus of the nearby Camellia Elementary School at the time, where the mascot just happens to be a cougar. 

Officials searched the neighborhood for more than an hour but left after finding no evidence of tracks or scat that would indicate a large cat was nearby. 

So for now, it's a mystery just exactly what was lurking near these homes on Cougar Drive. 

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