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Cosumnes River forecast change, won't crest overnight, winds top of mind

Flooding fears ease in Wilton
Flooding fears ease in Wilton 02:08

WILTON -- A break in the rain in Wilton on Tuesday offered some homeowners, still recovering from January storms, a chance to catch their breath.

As of Tuesday at 5 p.m., the Cosumnes River will not reach flood stage at Michigan Bar, as what was forecasted Monday. It will peak at 11.5 feet, with flood stage at 12 feet. This forecast is good news for homeowners who live along the river and dealt with flooding in January. 

In Wilton, homes along Green Road experienced a flooded-out road for days following the storm. At one home, it was the wind that caused the most damage, ripping off part of the roof and exposing the home to water. 

Sam Yee, the homeowner, said FEMA ruled his home was "unlivable" due to the damage. On Tuesday, as rain moved through and the threat of a crest at the Cosumnes River at Michigan Bar was still forecasted, Yee said he was most concerned about the winds. These, he explained, would blow the tarp off the roof and cause more water leakage. 

Inside Yee's kitchen, storage containers are used as buckets to catch water that leaks. He empties the buckets at least half a dozen times a day totaling what he said was five gallons of water. 

"It's the wind that's killing us because the tarp on the roof is pounded and pounded and I'm really afraid it's going to fall off." said Yee. "You just got to hope it doesn't fall off, and if it does, got to get up there and fix it again."   

FEMA and Yee's insurance will cover the cost to fix the damages and return his home to living condition. The catch, he said, is the timing. 

In order to fix the roof, which will require a contractor to remove it entirely, there must be consecutive days of good weather -- and no rain. Yee said he's rescheduled the work three times due to the weather. 

Tuesday, wind was top of mind for Wilton residents who spoke to CBS13. Some watched from their windows or porches as gusts moved through and shook trees. 

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