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Coronavirus Protection: Face Masks Now Required When Visiting Yuba, Sutter Counties' Facilities

YUBA-SUTTER (CBS13) – Officials in Yuba and Sutter counties said beginning Friday, visitors to county facilities are required to wear face masks and will be screened for coronavirus symptoms prior to entry.

According to a press release issued by Yuba County, masks will not be given out and those who choose to visit a county facility must bring their own.

The move follows the CDC's recommendation that all people wear a face mask when leaving their homes

"Staying home as much as possible remains the best directive to avoid getting yourself or others sick in the first place, as well as frequent hand washing, not touching your face and social distancing while outperforming essential functions," the county said in the press release. "But covering your mouth and nose can also help as the virus's transmission occurs through respiratory droplets—through coughing or sneezing, and because individuals may be contagious days before the onset of symptoms."

As of Thursday, there are over 30 total confirmed cases in both counties. There are two coronavirus-related deaths in Sutter County.

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