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Residents Express Outrage Over Convicted Rapist Placed In Carmichael Without Warning

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) - At a scheduled public meeting in Carmichael about code enforcement, the conversation changed to concerns about a convicted rapist.

"we need you to be a crusader for us in getting this individual removed from our community now," said one resident.

It was a scheduled public meeting about code enforcement in Carmichael but tonight the conversation changed to concerns about a convicted rapist.

Forty-two-year-old Christopher Lawyer moved into Carmichael from Colorado four months ago. Residents are calling on their county supervisor to stand up to them for allowing him in.

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"How are we going to be ensured that we are safe?" said a resident.

That was the burning question tonight from angry and anxious residents who recently learned they're living near a convicted rapist.

"You want to tell me that in this state if somebody's gonna place a convicted rapist next to you, there's no process of notification?" he asked.

Lawyer, a violent rapist paroled in Colorado, was transferred to Carmichael in October to live in a home right next door to Bruce Werking.

Werking was emotional Wednesday night, saying he's asked his daughter not to come visit anymore out of fear for her safety.

"I don't want him laying eyes on don't know what this guy's gonna do," said Werking.

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County Supervisor Susan Peters asked the sheriff's officials to be on hand to answer questions.

"We're just as concerned about this as you are," she said.

Unfortunately there weren't many answers. Lawyer is back in jail after violating his curfew multiple times, a condition of his parole. He expected to stay there 6 months, but no one knows what will happen after that.

There's also still no explanation about why Lawyer wasn't registered on Megan's Law until this past Friday, other than the department of justice claiming it was waiting on the proper paperwork from Colorado.

The residents calling on supervisor Peters to be their crusader to get to the bottom of this and she promised she will.

"I would feel the same way if he lived next door to me," she said.

But not everyone was outraged. A former minister says he met Lawyer and calls him a sincere man who's trying to start over

"I would love to have people meet him and take their own measure of the man," he said.

"I don't want to know the guy I just want him gone," said.

Supervisor Peters says she's already put calls into a couple of state lawmakers to try and get more answers.

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