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Conversation Piece? Nordstrom Selling Rock For $85

Do you think someone on your Christmas gift list deserves a lump of coal? Why not get them a rock?

Yes, the upscale department store chain Nordstrom is selling a leather wrapped stone for $85. According to their website, you can use the rock as a paperweight, conversation piece, or just a work of art.

The potato-looking rock is supposedly from the Los Angeles, and its pouch is made from vegetable-tanned American leather produced by artist Peter Maxwell.

Somehow, online reviews of the rock have mostly been positive, hilarious, and probably sarcastic.

"I told my husband I was going to buy a rock in a pouch today as a conversation piece and he asked why? I told him because we don't have one," said reviewer Hillary Whitney, who gave it five-stars.

At least it ships for free.

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