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Some Local Companies, Cities Giving Financial Incentives To Those Who Get COVID Vaccine

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - There is a new push to get people vaccinated against COVID-19. Some companies are offering cash incentives for their employees to get the shots.

Nugget Markets is making a push for its employees -- whether they're putting away carts or bagging groceries. The grocery chain is putting some extra green in their pockets, $100 worth, for rolling up their sleeves and getting fully vaccinated.

It's a trend their customers are glad to see happening.

"Anything we can do to get the jabs into people's arms is great. I'm glad the company's spreading the social responsibility," said Meiling Hunter at the company's West Sacramento store.

"We all need an incentive to do anything in this world so, money talks, BS walks. I think it's a great incentive," said shopper Larry Rodrigues.

Nugget Markets employees aren't the only ones securing the bag for getting vaccinated. Safeway and Produce Express are also offering their employees $100 to get fully vaccinated. And it's not just private companies trying to get people on board with getting their shots. So is the city of Lodi.

"These incentives are really designed to increase the vaccination at a time when are starting to see vaccine hesitancy and that's slowing the vaccination efforts," said Andrew Keys, the city of Lodi's deputy city manager.

The city is using federal stimulus funding to pay people in Lodi a $25 credit on their utility bill if they show they're fully vaccinated after May 6. It may be a small amount, but the city is hoping some money will get some people in line to get their shots.

"It's $25 an individual, so, if you have a family or just multiple people living in the same residence, that can add up quickly," Keys said. "Four people would be $100 off and that can be quite a big incentive I think coming into the summer months."

Some other companies like Save Mart are offering paid time off for those who get their vaccines.

The city of Sacramento said it doesn't have an incentive plan or program like Lodi's at this time, but it is still dedicated to hosting and supporting vaccination sites across the city.

Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo counties also told CBS13 that they don't have incentive plans at this time either.

Yolo County said that it is having conversations about possibly creating a plan or program.

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