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UPDATED: Community Raises $21K For 9-Year-Old Sole Survivor Of Deadly Lodi Crash

LODI (CBS13) - The lone survivor of the Lodi crash is now out of the ICU but will soon face the reality that his family is gone.

The accident came crashing down on the community, leaving hundreds heartbroken but banding together to raise money through a massive estate sale.

"I wish you the best buddy and I just hope that you see that we love you. We may not know you but we love you," said Nicole Hiernoninus.

That is one woman's wish for 9-year-old Eden Miranda. In one tragic blow, he lost his mother and her unborn baby, his father, and his 4-, 5- and 11-year-old siblings.

"No matter what, nothing's going to replace his family," said Shara Styles.

Styles, with the new "Lodi Strong" movement, hopes to give Eden some strength with the compassion of an entire community.

"I couldn't imagine what the poor thing is going through, and I don't want to even imagine," said Renee Price.

There was a memorial where the wreck happened on the corner of Ham and Vine Streets. Witnesses say the suspected driver, 28-year-old Ryan Morales, was flying through the intersection at speeds reaching 80 miles per hour. This, allegedly, occurred all while he was talking on his phone.

Police also believe Morales may have been drinking.

Morales is still in the hospital, and so is Eden.

Styles says Eden is in stable condition and out of the ICU; but she can't imagine what he would need waking up to the nightmare his family is gone.

"A lot of love and care, and from what I know, last week he didn't even know he lost his family," said Styles.

All the money made off donated clothes, toys and appliances will go to the Miranda Family Fund available to Eden when he turns 18.

"The accident that happened is one of the worst; and it's really made such a huge impact," said Hiernoninus.

It's even impacting children.

"I want him to know that me and my mom support him and hope he gets a good family that gets him everything he wants," said 10-year-old Samantha Lee.

Even though Eden lost his world, the fundraiser crowd is proof he is not alone.

Organizers say their goal was to raise $15,000, and ended up with a total of $21,000.

More businesses are helping out the family. New & Again Consignment Furniture Gallery in Lodi will give 10 percent of the proceeds from the weekend's estate sale to the Miranda Family Fund.

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