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Comedian Katt Williams A No-Show For Sacramento Court Hearing

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A judge issued an arrest warrant for comedian Micah "Katt" Williams after he failed to show up for a Sacramento court hearing Monday.

"Mr. Williams, as I understand, was told to be in court, in Department 61, to be arraigned for a felony charge," public defender Melissa McElheney said.

That felony charge of evading police came after an incident where the embattled performer allegedly led CHP on a chase on his three-wheeled motorcycle through the streets of downtown Sacramento on Nov. 25.

The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office issued a felony arrest warrant for Williams on Dec. 6. He was pursued by CHP officers, but they called off the chase because of safety concerns. The DA's office is charging him with evading a police officer while driving in a reckless manner, a felony.

Williams reportedly shouted at officers at one point that he wasn't going to stop.

The incident followed a report that Williams created a disturbance at the Hyatt hotel earlier that afternoon. Sacramento Police responded to that call, but elected not to arrest the 41-year-old Woodland Hills resident.

Williams was arrested later and posted bond, but missing court Monday means that bond is now revoked. There's now a bench warrant for Williams' arrest.

"If he's out and about, um, I'm assuming that he would be arrested on that bond," McElheney said. "Hopefully he and his attorney can rectify this situation and he can have his day in court."

McElheney was on standby to represent Williams in case the comedian claimed he couldn't afford an attorney.

The question now is if Williams will appear on Wednesday over in Yolo County, where he faces more legal problems after he was caught on video punching a 19-year-old employee of a Woodland Target store in the face on the same day as his encounter with CHP.

He's also facing charges in Oakland and Seattle when he was in those cities for shows. After his Seattle arrest last month, he told a TV station he was quitting stand-up comedy.

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