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"Seeing some sort of collapse daily": Collapsing rooftops remain a threat in South Lake Tahoe

Collapsing rooftops remains a threat in South Lake Tahoe
Collapsing rooftops remains a threat in South Lake Tahoe 02:09

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE – It is a race against time and gravity as homes and businesses around the Lake Tahoe area are under the threat of crushing rooftops.

"I just hit an icicle off the house," said Doretta Carbone, a homeowner. "I do have snow damage."

In the city of South Lake Tahoe, firefighters had to help some people evacuate apartments in the dark recently on San Francisco Avenue. Tenants said the building will reportedly need to be demolished.

Next door, neighbors worry they might be next.

"I was up in my room, and I just heard a loud bang, and I was like 'What was that?' " Adolfo Cruz said.

Fire Marshall Kim George understands the concerns.

"It's pretty frequent. We're seeing some sort of collapse daily," George said.

Over the weekend, the Raley's near Heavenly Village sat empty with a partially caved-in roof.

Since the start of March, the fire department reports it has been busy adding buildings to its red-tagged list, including a TJ Maxx store where a snow removal company stood on the roof as shoppers tried to reach for the door.

"You're very surprised when you don't see many cars in the parking lot, and then you get here – this is the third store I've been to that has been closed," Daryl Larson said.

Back on San Francisco Avenue, there are other hazards for neighbors.

"I have literally three feet of water in my garage because of the melting," Carbone said. "So, I don't know where all of this is going to melt."

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