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Colfax Mayor Says City Is in 'Dire' Situation Due to Power Outage

COLFAX (CBS13) -- Colfax Mayor Trinity Burruss wants her city to know she's here to help.

The recent, record-breaking snow storm in the Sierra has left tens of thousands of Pacific Gas and Electric customers without power. For Colfax residents, that's only half the problem.

"We have a combination of people trapped in their homes and not having power," Mayor Burruss tells CBS13. "And for many, that means no heat source and no ability to cook."

Mayor Burruss says PG&E's best estimate for getting power restored is January 2. The utility company's biggest challenge is getting access to roads crowded with heavy snow, fallen trees and downed power lines.

"It's like a chicken and egg situation," says Placer County Road Division Manager Matt Randall. "There's the tree across the road, but then there's snow, and you have to get the road all plowed."

Mayor Burruss is going to great lengths to get access to the roads as quickly as possible, even deputizing family members to run snow plows.

Her message to her city: "If you have the ability to get out safely, if you don't have heat and you have somewhere to go, I would absolutely recommend it. If you have the ability to help your neighbors, please help your neighbors."

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