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Coffee Shop Criminals Strike Again, Grabbing Computers From Patrons

RIPON (CBS13) — Ripon police are investigating another coffee shop crime, following several others in Davis and Roseville.

In each case, thieves target seated customers, grabbing their laptops, then running for the door. On Monday, Ripon police say three teenage suspects carried out the heist at a Starbucks on West Colony Road.

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Only this time a victim and a Good Samaritan teamed up to take down one of the suspects.

"There was a lot of yelling," witness Mark Sleming said. "There was probably three or four holding him down, and a bunch of people around him, four or five at least, maybe more."

Cops were able to take the 16-year-old suspect into custody. Two other suspects were able to get away.

In September, surveillance cameras captured a similar scene in a Davis coffee shop, showing suspects milling around before grabbing customer's laptops and making their escape through the front doors.

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"That they would be brazen enough to come in and steal somebody's computer, I mean, the whole thing just surprises me," Cheryl Bolton said.

In Ripon, a repeat of what's becoming a more common crime. At a spot where you might order a bold coffee, some customers are becoming victims, of this bold crime.

Ripon police are asking for the public's help with any information related to any of the thefts. The two suspects that got away, and their getaway driver were last seen in a green Lexus GS300.

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