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Viewer Calls Kurtis After Waiting Months For Solar Installation

GRANITE BAY (CBS13) — After spending big money on a new roof and solar panels, a Granite Bay viewer says she's been waiting months for Pacific Gas and Electric to finally hook them up. That's when she decided to call Kurtis to investigate.

Pam Kurimai was expecting PG&E to put her new solar set up online shortly after the initial installation in January. But each month since, she's been making payments on those non-working panels and a power bill. It's added up to about $700 so far.

"I have no idea where the ball was dropped, all I know is that I'm paying a lot of money for something that's not useable," she said. "I was under the impression that I'd be up and operational by the end of March, at the latest."

CBS13 reached out to Spartan Home Services, the contractor who installed Pam's new roof and solar panels. They told us that PG&E asked for additional changes to the system, but those were done by mid-March.

A spokesman for the company said that Pam's story is not unusual these days, and that they've seen PG&E's processing time for new solar applications go from one week to six.

CBS13 also reached out to PG&E about Pam's issue. The company blamed the delay on "an issue that needed to be corrected" and said that it normally connects small solar customers to the grid within six business days.

After Kurtis got involved, Pam says that PG&E finally put her panels online.

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