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Call Kurtis: More Viewers Are Saying Ticketmaster Owes Them A Refund 

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As more and more viewers are struggling to get refunds from Ticketmaster for changed or postponed events, they're calling Kurtis.

Some people are asking for a ticket refund after Billy Idol had to back out of a performance with Journey at the Golden 1 Center this summer. Others are reaching out because of an indefinitely postponed event featuring Michelle Obama.

"I kind of feel that I'm getting ripped off here," said Robert Murphy, who reached out to us after Billy Idol backed out. "If I paid to see a musician and that musician isn't available, I would expect to get my money back."

After the Call Kurtis team reached out to Ticketmaster on Robert's behalf, the company refunded him. But, after further requests for comment, a spokesperson said that because Billy Idol was considered an opening act for Journey, no refunds were owed.

Ticketmaster says its policy is that no refunds are owed if opening acts are changed or cancelled, and ticketholders agree to these terms when they buy their tickets.

The Call Kurtis team has also reached out to the people behind Michelle Obama's event but have not received any response after multiple attempts.

Thankfully, a new law went into effect this year that guarantees refunds for ticketholders within 30 days if an event is cancelled, postponed, or replaced with another event at the same date and time.

Ticketmaster suggests Billy Idol dropping out as the opening act does not fit into any of these categories because Journey is still performing, and Billy Idol has been replaced with Toto.

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