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City of Sacramento orders Camp Resolution to close

Self-governing homeless camp in Sacramento to close in May
Self-governing homeless camp in Sacramento to close in May 00:27

SACRAMENTO - The city of Sacramento is ordering Camp Resolution, the self-governing homeless encampment in north Sacramento, to close next month.

Camp Resolution is on city property on Colfax Street where people have been allowed to stay as part of an arrangement with the advocacy group Safe Ground Sacramento, who was acting as a liaison between Camp Resolution and the city.

But the area was once a maintenance yard and there have been concerns about contamination. 

Due to that, the city is ordering all residents to move off the city-owned lot by May 16 but is allowing people to stay in trailers until June 1.

The Sacramento County District Attorney sent a warning letter to the city in November following the water board investigation. 

The water board said petroleum from underground gas tanks seeped into the soil and polluted the air around it. 

The California Homeless Union said in a statement that it "intends to fight and force the city to keep its promise not to close the camp until every resident has been provided with safe, indoor, durable and permanent housing."

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