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City Hall Hire Skyler Henry Prompts Unusual Promise Of No Threat To Colleagues Safety

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - There are concerns about personal safety at Sacramento city hall.

Councilmember Katie Valenzuela is defending the hiring of a new staff member that's left her assuring people at city hall he means no harm to them.

Skyler Henry is Valenzuela's new staff member, who also has a recorded history from a local podcast, condoning some of the recent protests and acts of vandalism at the Mayor's, councilmembers, and the city manager's homes.

Henry's one-time podcast comments have suddenly turned controversial since his hiring by Valenzuela. His recordings show his support for protests that turned to vandalism at Mayor Steinberg's home. Recordings also capture comments he made after two councilmember's homes were hit by vandals, with red paint.

"I'm certainly not going to come on the show and advocate for it, but it's just like, how does this not happen more often," Henry said on the Voices: River City podcast. "Somebody shows up on your driveway and pours f*** red paint down it? I'm sorry, you're lucky that's where they f***** stopped."

Now councilmember Valenzuela is defending her hiring of Henry, posting a thread on Twitter reading, in part:

"It's come to my attention there are some concerns about Skyler Henry…

"Skyler never threatened anyone directly & did not participate in the recent protests at the homes of Mayor Steinberg & City Manager Chan. He has committed no acts that should cause anyone fear, and has assured me & others that he does not wish any harm on anyone at City Hall."

Henry was hired for a communications position on Valenzuela's staff.

CBS13 reached out to Henry to hear his take on this city hall concern. He did not respond to the requests for a comment.


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