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City eyes changes to make downtown Sacramento more fun, inviting

City leaders wrap up new report on how to make Sacramento social scene more successful
City leaders wrap up new report on how to make Sacramento social scene more successful 02:47

SACRAMENTO -- What would you change about downtown Sacramento?

Most people say they want it to be safer with more fun things to do.

City leaders are asking themselves that exact question too, diving into a new 34-page report that unpacks how to make our social scene more successful.

"People want to connect with people. It's really important that people have someplace to do it where it's safe, fun and there's different options," said Tina Lee-Vogt, Sacramento's nighttime economy manager. 

The new review on Sacramento's "sociable city" plan was presented by Lee-Vogt to the city council Tuesday night. It's now a roadmap for more change to come. 

"It's a growing kind of commitment that cities around the nation are making to see how it is to support this kind of economy and make it work," said Lee-Vogt. 

Wednesday night, downtown Sacramento was humming with both Kings fever as fans packed into the Golden1 Center for a game and also holiday spirit while skating at the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink.

"It's just nice to have something to do outdoors for the holidays," said Stephenni Bentley at the rink. 

As father and daughter Jasin and Ainsley Essary hit the ice for a night of surprise skating, they're making memories with another secret outing.

"We have another surprise though, too. She hasn't been to a Kings game, so we are going to a Kings game also," said Jasin, handing his daughter their game tickets, met with shock and a big smile. 

It's the perfect picture of the push in Sacramento to make more nights downtown like this.

"We want to really have these vibrant, thriving areas that bring people in to spend their money and have a good time," said Lee-Vogt. 

The sociable city review suggested primarily that leaders focus on the quality of life and pedestrian improvements downtown, enhanced safety, more vibrant social spaces and performances, and reforming the city's painstaking permit process for local entertainers.

"There are a lot of things that aren't big, that aren't sexy, that aren't things that go to council that staff is doing," Lee-Vogt said of the work that's been ongoing for years to revitalize downtown and midtown. 

Some people are noticing the changes. 

"I have friends in the bay and they're like, 'What's there to do in Sacramento?' I'm like, have you seen the beam?" said Carter Wu, a King's fan. 

Whether in the sea of purple or the frozen ice arena, Sacramentans downtown say keep the momentum, and they will keep coming. 

"It's getting better and better every day," said Jasin Essary. 

The sociable city study unpacks in great detail downtown Sacramento's successes and challenges. (The full review can be read at this link.)

City leaders also held a summit Thursday afternoon with a packed house of downtown business owners to unpack the study and take their suggestions for how to move downtown forward.

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