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Citrus Heights hopes rentable "party in a box" helps bring neighborhoods together

Citrus Heights hopes rentable “party in a box” helps bring neighborhoods together
Citrus Heights hopes rentable “party in a box” helps bring neighborhoods together 01:46

CITRUS HEIGHTS – It's not often you hear about a city encouraging people to party, but Citrus Heights is offering a "party in a box" to bring people together with hopes of boosting civic pride and cutting down crime.

Packed inside a trailer are all the items needed to throw a block party.

"We've got tables, chairs, a speaker so people can get on the mic and play their own music," said Marisa Brown, Citrus Heights' communication officer. "We've also got cornhole and other games included,"

It's an effort by the City of Citrus Heights to offer families a new way to have fun right in their own front yards.

"The only thing that is missing is you and your neighbors," Brown said.

Rick Doyal is one of the first to check out this party box on wheels. He used it earlier this month for his neighborhood's annual National Night Out.

"It makes all the difference in the world," Doyal said. "They supplied everything."

Renting all these party props could cost a couple hundred dollars – a pricey plan for many neighborhoods.

"The point of this trailer is to relieve some of those barriers for people to get together," Brown said.

The goal is to get more people to meet and mingle.

"We want to see them host events where they're inviting their neighbors to come meet one another, get to know one another, and learn how to build a better community," Brown said.

And it could even help make streets safer.

"Most people don't know their neighbors. And, as a result of that, crime can happen right underneath their feet and they don't even know about it," Doyal said.

Reserving the block party trailer is first come, first serve, and the city will even drop it off and pick it up so all you have to do is party on.

"It's a real winner and it helps make anything a success," Doyal said.

Renting the trailer requires a $500 deposit which is refunded once the items are returned.

Money to purchase the party trailer came from federal COVID relief funding.

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