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Citizen pulled over by possible police impersonator in Winters, police say

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WINTERS – Officers are warning Winters residents after a possible police impersonator pulled over someone in the city.

Winters police say, Monday night, a concerned citizen flagged one of their actual officers down to report a strange incident that had just happened. The person claimed that a vehicle with forward-facing red and blue lights on the dash had pulled them over.

However, after yielding, the suspicious vehicle pulled up next to the citizen. The possible impersonator then drove off, last being seen heading eastbound on Main Street.

The strange vehicle's license plate and passenger side were covered in mud, the citizen reported.

Winters police noted that they don't have any unmarked vehicles that look like the one the citizen encountered. Officers will also always carry a badge and ID card, even when out on plain clothes assignments.

Still, as Winters police also detailed, there are other law enforcement agencies with the power to pull over people anywhere in California.

Citizens are being urged by police to stop in a well-lit area if they are being pulled over by an unmarked vehicle. People can also make sure the officer identifies themselves and call 911 if the purported officer doesn't. 

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