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Skiers And Snowboarders Trade Wrapping Paper For Fresh Powder On Christmas Day At Sugar Mountain

TRUCKEE (CBS13) - Jolly Saint Nick, an elf and plenty of people felt the urge to hit the slopes at Sugar Bowl in Truckee on Christmas Day.

Some came from Petaluma.

"We don't get to come up to the snow that often so we thought it might not be as busy. And we want to spend time with family just have some fun," Alania Duner said.

And others came from the Lone Star State.

"The kids miss the snow very much so we use this time to visit friends," Inna Krieger, visiting from College Station, Texas, said.

There were seasoned vets.

"It's good weather it's not too cold. I get this on so I can't really tell it's really nice the powder is really nice," Joesph Panter, visiting from Southern California, said.

And first-timers hit the slopes as well.

Christmas is a time meant for family, being together and tradition. Some say they will continue to make the mountain full of memories for years to come.

"We also love that you know it's not the traditional making it more about presents but more about like mindful presents having that presences with our family and loved ones," Duner said.

"This is where all of the fun is it's snowing. There's fresh air, getting quality time with my big kid. It doesn't get any better than that," Amanda Regenstein said.

Some said that they preferred to have Christmas on the mountain than at home surrounded by wrapping paper.

"It's boring and this is fun and you get some energy and you don't there," Maya, Krieger's granddaughter, said.

"I'm not big into that tradition so coming out to the mountain and nature with my buddy that's who we like to spend Christmas," Jason Bauer, visiting from Reno, said.

"Everyone's staying home so the lines are much shorter and you can get in a lot more runs," Spencer Regenstein said.

Others told CBS13 there's less stress on the slopes during the holiday.

"It seems to be everybody having a good idea and everyone being together and gets a little pretty off of that at home stress," Russell Jones said.

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