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CHP Investigating Another Freeway Shooting After Vehicle Hit On I-5 in Natomas

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The California Highway Patrol is investigating another shooting on a local freeway.

This one came during the Wednesday morning commute on Interstate 5 on North Natomas. The driver's vehicle was hit but the driver was not hurt.

Wednesday's shooting comes after a series of local freeway shootings that left one man dead on I-5 just last week.

The Sacramento County coroner has now confirmed the driver's identity as Jose Tamayo, a 48-year-old father of five, including a 2-month-old daughter.

Dispatch audio captures the moment Wednesday's freeway shooting on I-5 in Natomas was called into the CHP:

Dispatcher: "...BOLO for shots fired...for Northbound 5..north of the 80 connect..."

Dispatcher: "...and their right rear window was shot out..and the windshield..."

A windshield shattered, along with the passenger side rear window. Incredibly, the driver was not hurt and even continued on to work at the Sacramento Amazon Warehouse.

More from CBS Sacramento:

Officer: "...they say the window was shot out? Or a rock hit it...?"

Dispatcher: "...they did advise it was shot out..."

Betty Brice lives in Sacramento and travels I-5.

"It's terrible," Brice said. "Why would somebody just come up and just shoot somebody and hurt em or kill 'em, and they don't even know the person!"

A CHP spokesperson could not say whether the two I-5 shootings are being investigated as possibly connected.

The pair of I-5 shootings come after two other freeway shootings on Interstate 80 in early November, one missing a mother and her children, the other hitting a driver twice.

The CHP did shut down I-5 following Wednesday morning's shooting to search for evidence but did not find any.

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