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CHP Cadets Help Maintain Sacramento Children's Home, Bond With Children

SACRAMENTO (CBS) — Twice a year, CHP cadets help the Sacramento Children's Home maintain their 15-acre property.

With just nine weeks before graduation, CHP cadets are lending a helping hand to the home.

The cadets built a box to protect the home's irrigation system and helped with painting and landscaping.

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CEO David Baker says he appreciates the free labor, but the most important thing is what the kids get out of the visit.

"Many of them have had a negative experience with the police and this is an opportunity to have some real positive opportunities," Baker said.

The volunteering also serves as a chance for the cadets to put the tools they learned in the academy to the test.

"We just want them to see us as good people," cadet Eric Arroyo said. "Sometimes not everyone believes that, and at a young age we want to show them we are humans just like them and are here to help with anything they need."

In addition to the the handy help, Cadets gave helpful life advice during a lunch break with the kids.

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