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Chain Saw Massacre Averted At Nevada County Bar When Man's Weapon Stalls

AUBURN (CBS13) — An Auburn man brought a chain saw to a bar fight after an argument over inappropriately touching another man's chest, Nevada County Sheriff's Deputies said.

Stinky Mulligan's Bar was turned into a real-life haunted house when deputies said Weston Cecil Burton, 31, touched another man's chest.

When the victim slapped Burton in the face and pushed him down, Burton allegedly went and grabbed his chain saw from his truck, started it up, and brought it into the bar.

"This place is so wackadoodle, that only in a small town could you get something like this," said Brian Lowenthal, who runs the shopping center.

Even a man in a skull mask is spooked by what happened.

"I thought I was funny when I read it in the newspaper, but when I thought about it, I don't like that bar anymore," he said.

Not surprisingly, nobody in the bar was eager to step up to stop the suspect wielding his weapon.

But before Burton could do any damage to his victim, witnesses say his chain saw stalled, and cut out.

That's when patrons jumped in and grabbed the chain saw. Burton took off, but he left his credit card at the bar.

He was later arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. He posted bond and was released from the Nevada County Jail.

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