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Cell Phone Video Shows Amazon Driver Held Down After Alleged Attempted Rape

TURLOCK (CBS13) -- An Amazon delivery driver on the attack.

Cell phone video shows the driver being restrained after allegedly attempting to sexual assault a woman inside her Turlock home.

The video shows the delivery driver being held down inside.

Moments earlier, the video shows him hopping a fence and then running to the back of the home where he allegedly broke through a window to get inside.

The stunning cell phone sequence was recorded after the driver had already allegedly tried to sexually assault the woman, Maria Lopez, who lives there.

Lopez spoke to CBS13.

"Right now, I'm very nervous," she said. "I can't sleep, and like, I'm always crying now."

Lopez says she had just gotten out of the shower when the Amazon driver walked through the front door uninvited.

"His expression changed when he saw me with the towel," Lopez said. "His eyes opened wide like a monster or something."

Turlock police identified the driver as 22-year-old Ryan Crisp.

He is now charged with attempted rape, burglary and vandalism.

Lopez's husband and her husband's co-worker were at the house and able to eventually get Crisp detained before police arrived.

Amazon released a statement reading in part: "We're deeply concerned about what we've learned.  This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery drivers."

"What would you like to see happen to him," CBS13's Steve Large asked Lopez. "Whatever they can do to him, whatever like, to keep people safe in their houses, whatever."

A Turlock police spokesperson said they believe this was an isolated incident. They are still working to confirm that is the case.

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