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Celebratory Gunfire Nearly Hits Family Inside Sacramento Home

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - It's the tragic physics of celebratory gunfire: bullets fired up must come down.

"It sounds like a war zone out here. It really does," said Art Campos, a concerned Meadowview resident.

And for a family living in the Meadowview neighborhood of Sacramento, it came dangerously close their children.

They're calling on gun owners to act responsibly while ringing in the New Year.

"We were just sitting down watching YouTube videos and I was telling the girls it was January 1. And then it just went right through," said Andrea Jimenez.

The ball had just dropped when the Jimenez family heard a sound they will never forget.

"We just heard the bullet go right through the ceiling," she said.

In a panic, Jimenez jumped up only to find the bullet inches away from the couch where she and her three young children were sitting.

"It just landed on the floor and I picked it up and saw how big it was and I was like, wow!" she said.

While the near miss left her daughters searching for security, Campos says he made sure to stay inside, away from his windows.

"New Year's Eve, I don't even like to come outside. I pretty much just stay inside. It's just too dangerous out here," said Campos.

Police recovered the bullet and took pictures of the damage left behind.

"The officer told us that if it would have hit one of us it would have just stung, but nothing major would have happened," said Jimenez.

But there is no doubt this new year in their new home is one to remember for all the wrong reasons.

"They just need to be careful and just know that there's kids out there. You know, if you have a gun, keep it to yourself. Don't go out there and shoot it," said Jimenez

It's unclear if any other homes were hit by gunfire, but the Jimenez family is encouraging their neighbors to do a thorough check of their homes for any damage.

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