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Department Of Corrections Officials Launch Investigation Into Nazi Flag Hung In Staff Member's Office

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has launched an investigation in regard to a Nazi flag that was hung in a staff member's office in downtown Sacramento.

On Monday, CBS13 first reported the story, after a man saw the flag and other hate signs hanging from the street.

Parole officers say it was meant for training and have since taken down the flag and signs. Agents insisted the flags and signs are items confiscated from Sacramento-area prisoners and parolees and shown to staff as a way to show the type of hate displays that are circulating in jails.

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On Wednesday, The CDCR said the employee who hung the flag is a person of color and has no ties or affiliation with white supremacy or Nazis.
The agency issued a new statement Wednesday about the incident, saying that they will hold the people accountable who are in violation of their policies. Read the full statement below:

"Our initial review of the facts shows that the employee responsible for hanging this flag is a person of color, and has no ties or affiliation with white supremacy or Nazis. The flag was seized property from a case. This staff member and management in that office showed an unacceptable lack of judgment that does not reflect the values of CDCR. We are conducting a full investigation into this matter, and are taking aggressive steps to ensure our employees are following policies. We will hold people accountable that are in violation of those policies."

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