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Dramatic Takedown Of Sacramento Suspect Caught On Video

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The search for a man who fled from Regional Transit police ended with a dramatic capture caught on camera.

Sacramento police officers had a perimeter set up at Bidwell Way and Freeport Boulevard in the Land Park area on Monday evening after the suspect, Michael Kennedy, 19, allegedly fled from a police officer at a nearby light rail station.

Neighbors were brought outside by the sound of a helicopter circling overhead.

"The police were looking through all the houses, all the yards," said neighbor Scott Brennand.

Our camera was rolling when Kennedy hopped over the front fence of a home, grabbed a road bike leaning up against the porch and rode toward CBS13 photojournalist James Taylor.

RAW VIDEO: Michael Kennedy's Arrest

Just as Kennedy reached Taylor, he veered away from an approaching Sacramento police officer who tackled him from the bike and a struggled ensued. A bystander, Louis Buchetto, was the second person on hand to try and subdue Kennedy.

"I am not letting go, and I'm doing everything I can to keep that guy subdued, holding his arm, holding his neck," he said.

Police say Kennedy hid out in Todd Fisher's garage and tried to make a getaway on the homeowner's wife's bike.

Michael Kennedy
Credit: Sacramento P.D.

"I can't wait to show her the video," Fisher said. "She's out of town right now. I'm trying to get a hold of her and show it to her."

It was quite a show in this Sacramento neighborhood, one that a neighbor wasn't content to just watch.

"People doing the right thing matters to me," Buchetto said. "The bottom line is that police officer puts his butt on the line every day, and I'm going to help."

Kennedy was booked for outstanding warrants, fleeing from police, burglary and felony assault on a police officer. Those warrants were for offenses involving the taking of a vehicle. The warrant was issued in December, more than two months after his sentencing, for failure to comply with his jail term.

The officer who tackled the Kennedy suffered a wound to his face. The officer involved in the initial pursuit injured his hand while trying to climb a fence.

The light rail station is located about a block away from where Kennedy was arrested.


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