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Causing Coronavirus Confusion Again, CDC Flip-Flops On Guidance Regarding COVID-19 Spread

Sacramento (CBS13) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released and then retracted information regarding how coronavirus spreads from person to person. A major blunder coming from the top public health agency in the nation, and it's not the first time.

"In the past with previous administrations, the CDC has been a highly trustworthy organization," Dr. Dean Blumberg, Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at UC Davis Health, said.

Blumberg blames the current political appointees that head the agency for accidentally releasing misinformation, again.

"The CDC post was related to airborne transmission and that means that the virus might be in very small particle size which can remain suspended in the air for quite some time and then travel over larger distances," Blumberg said.

Although there are some examples of that happening, like at a Washington state choir practice back in March, the CDC's post is an apparent change in the agency's position that the virus likely won't travel more than six feet.

"In such uncertain times, my honest opinion hasn't been so trustworthy with the CDC," Shayne Dylangr in West Sacramento said.

Dylangr says he wears a face mask but wishes he had more clear instructions on how to stay safe.

"It's just a very uncertain feeling on the inside walking around day to day not knowing if this is the right thing or the wrong thing to do and there's not a strong leadership behind what's really going on with covid," Dylangr said.

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Dr. Blumberg says the mistake suggests a lack of transparency that he says seems intentional.

"A lot of these changes from the CDC have been coming on Friday afternoons or evenings at a time when most health care professionals won't notice them. I have the highest confidence in the career professionals at the CDC. If we listen to them we'll get control of this. The problem is with the political appointees. The political appointees are driving this confusion," Dr. Blumberg said.

He says the safest way to protect yourself is still to wear masks and social distance.

The CDC did release a statement that said in part, that they're tightening their criteria for review of all guidance updates before they are posted to the CDC website.

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