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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Thief Swipes Disabled Women's Tricycle, Walker From Home

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The mother of two disabled women is pleading for a thief to return the walker and tricycle taken from their home.

Anna Lisa Abrahams was shocked when she looked through her surveillance video. Despite the signs warning about her cameras, she watched as the thief came back not once, but twice.

"I cannot believe that there are people out there with no morals," she said.

The man in the argyle sweater and hat had a plan as he casually strolled onto the property. He made sure his hat covered his face. He walked out of frame, but came back 20 seconds later riding away on a disability tricycle.

Anna Lisa has two disabled daughters.

"Neither one of them learned to speak or walk independently," she said.

When she went to look last week for her 18-year-old daughter's walked she uses for therapy, she found it was missing.

When she turned to the surveillance video, she saw the thief taking the tricycle, then one hour later another man returned for the walker hidden under the patio.

"It's wrong in so many ways and it's frustrating, and now she's without a walker," she said. "He really acts like he belongs here acts like he knows the grounds."

Now she hopes the thief can see exactly what he did to the two women he victimized.

"We do what we can to make life easier for them and make sure that they're happy, and well-cared for and then somebody goes and does this," she said.

The tricycle and walker are worth about $4,000. She hopes her insurance can cover both.

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