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Carmichael Dad Confronts Suspects Wearing Clothes Stolen From His Son

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — Thieves broke into a Carmichael family's two cars, but they didn't get far.

That family found the thieves wearing some of the very items stolen from them, and confronted the crooks.

You might call father John Miller, "Super Dad."

"So these are my little guys," Miller said, pointing to family portraits inside his home.

He and his wife have nine children, four still at home.

"This is what I do everything for, work long hours and go get stuff from thieves," Miller said.

Miller can laugh now. This week the dad doubled as a detective.

"Everything that you work hard for can be taken in a heartbeat by people that just don't care," Miller said.

Thieves broke into his wife and son's cars, taking off with identification, keys and clothes.

The crooks then made the careless decision, changing into the very clothes they stole, Miller's son's shirt and shorts, then hanging out at a parking lot, less than a mile away.

Miller's son was the first to spot them just hours after the break-in.

"That guys wearing my shirt, and my shorts, that guys wearing my shirt and my shorts," Miller said his son told him. "These are definitely the guys."

Dad drove to the scene and confronted the criminals.

"We found drugs, we found knives, we found one guy had a hatchet in his hands," Miller said. "We quickly disarmed them, luckily everything turned out OK."

A Carmichael family man turned crime fighter.

Thankfully, this adventure ended safely.

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department does not recommend following Miller's lead. They recommend calling law enforcement professionals to deal with criminals.

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