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Carmichael Dave: De'Aaron Fox Was Here


The object of most Kings' fans obsession, De'Aaron Fox, was in Sacramento on Sunday.

He put out on his social media a picture with "Downtown Sacramento", presumable here for a workout with the team before heading to the Bay Area for Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

Before everyone loses their mind, of course there are four other teams that can decide ahead of the Kings where Fox starts his career. Take out Boston and Markelle Fultz, and that leaves 4 teams. Some reports say Fox could go as high as 2, shocking the world if the Lakers didn't take Lonzo Ball.

Either way, with the Kings looking to have more cap space of any team in the NBA next season, combined with some blue chip prospects actually visiting and working out for the Kings- the front office is beginning to make the proper strides to shake their reputation of dysfunction. This can only be a good thing for Kings fans.


For a Fox refresher, here's a video from the excellent Draft Express breaking his game down:







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