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SUV Crashes Into Shasta County Preschool; Several Children Hospitalized

ANDERSON (CBS13) — Several children were hospitalized after an SUV crashed into a preschool in the town of Anderson in Shasta County on Thursday, officials said.

Police say 19 children and at least two staff members of Great Adventure Christian Preschool were inside the building at the time of the crash, which happened just before 2:30 p.m. in the area of Balls Ferry Road and Martha Street.

Anderson police confirmed that 14 of those children were taken to the hospital by ambulance. Five other children were taken to the hospital by parents.

"One minute they're playing, one minute they're under a car," said Bennie Horie who lives three houses down from the school. "They have no idea where mom or dad are or what even happened to them."

The level of the children's injuries varied and some were taken as a precaution. There have not been any reported fatalities.

"My son goes to the preschool over here," said Myers Koffa, who works right across the street from the school. "I didn't think at all. I just ran. I'm thankful and I'm grateful that he's OK."

Police say two people were inside of the blue SUV when it crashed. The driver of the vehicle was a woman from Anderson, while the passenger was her mother. Police said the driver showed no signs of impairment and remained on the scene to cooperate.

"There was a couple covered [kids] with debris and a couple under the car," Horie said.

Horie heard the crash and watched as teachers rushed toddlers out of the building.

"I did see a little girl with blood on her head," Horie said.

The circumstances of the crash remain under investigation.

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