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California Governor Candidates Make Final Swings Ahead Of Election

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It's the final day before election day and both candidates for California governor were making their closing pitches for who voters should pick on Tuesday.

Republican John Cox was in Sacramento on Monday pitching himself as a source of change while calling his opponent, Democrat Gavin Newsom, the status quo in California.


"John Cox, a businessman for 40 years, a CPA, someone who knows how to keep a lid on costs and make sure we don't waste money, or a politician who was a mayor in a city that was called the worst run city in America," he said.

Newsom was stumping in Modesto alongside Josh Harder, who is challenging incumbent Rep. Jeff Denham in California's 10th Congressional District.

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"I am committed to the Central Valley. I am committed to bridging this divide, urban-rural. I'm committed to breaking down these silos that I think are increasingly walls that are going up between coast and inland part of the state," he said.

The most recent polls have Cox trailing Newsom, but Cox has said the only one that matters to him is the one on Election Day.

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