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Can The NBA Christmas Day Jerseys Get Any Worse?

By Matt Furtado/KHTK Sports 1140

With Christmas upon us, it's finally time to express how ridiculous this year's NBA Christmas day uniforms are.

If you haven't seen them, or heard about them yet, take a look here: NBA 2014 Christmas Day Jerseys

This year, the NBA thought it would be a good idea to put player's first names on the back of jerseys.

For the past several years, the NBA has come up with a multitude of unique jerseys for one of the biggest days during the NBA regular season.

At first, the uniforms were fun, they were different. But as they run out of ideas, the jerseys coming out are getting worse and worse.

And I get it, the more jerseys the NBA comes out with, the more money they make. There are people out there who will always buy the newest jersey or apparel.

But at some point, the NBA either needs to come up with better ideas, or just stop coming up with new jerseys every single year.

Last names, not first names, belong on uniforms.

It was bad enough when the NBA designed the sleeved jerseys! Since when do basketball players play with sleeves!? It got even worse when they decided to put player's nicknames on the back of the jerseys.

This year it's:





How goofy does that look?

Don't be surprised if next year the NBA decides to put the player's full name on the back.

What happened to the days when teams just had a home and away jersey?

Now teams have jerseys for all different holidays, an alternate jersey, and alternate to the alternate, and don't forget all the throwback jerseys.

But that's a whole other discussion.

Hey NBA, either tone it down, or come up with some better ideas!



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