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Call Kurtis: Woman Reunited With Belongings After Mover Vanishes

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) - A CBS13 viewer says a mover held her stuff hostage. More than a month after he picked up her stuff, she says he never delivered it to her new home in Minnesota.

Out of options, she called Kurtis who has experience investigating unscrupulous movers.

Kimberly was really stressed out, fearing 20 years of her stuff was gone forever. She said the police said they couldn't help. But watch what ended up happening.

After I reached out to the mover, he made some false promises to me about returning her belongings, and that's when I reached out to the chief of Citrus Heights police to see if he could help. And he did.

His officers uncovered the moving truck with her stuff had been abandoned in our area and the belongings from that truck ended up inside a storage unit.

Kimberly drove all the way back from Minnesota. And we were there as she was reunited with her belongings.

"Oh my God, of course you're going to recognize your stuff right away," she said. "Seeing my smart TV still in the box, I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure that my life was gone forever."

Kimberly says she's still out $1,900 she paid. A Citrus Heights spokesperson says it has not located the mover, but they know who he is and are going after him for embezzlement.

Kimberly says she found this mover through We reached out to the company, who issued this statement:

"We have zero tolerance for this sort of behavior. This mover has been permanently removed from Thumbtack… We are working closely to support Kimberly…"

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