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Call Kurtis: Trucking School Refused Refund Even Though I Didn't Attend One Class

MANTECA (CBS13) — A Manteca man paid for truck driving school but never actually started classes.

When he couldn't get a refund, he called Kurtis.

Less than two weeks after signing up with Truck Nation in Salida, he decided to cancel and asked for his money back.

He says he was first told no problem so why didn't he get his refund?

"Being by myself, working on my own, driving at night, and making a lot of money," said Jeff Walton, Manteca resident.

But trucking school would have to wait for Jeff as he helps his wife with a medical condition.

12 days after paying Truck Nation in Salida $1,578 cash, he says the school told him he'd get a refund, if he put his request in writing. He did. The money never came.

"They just kept telling me, it's being processed, it's being processed," said Oma Walton, Jeff's wife.

Then Oma says truck nation changed their story.

Now saying the contract said refunds would only be granted within a week.

But Jeff and Oma insist they didn't sign a contract and the company refused to produce one.

"The company appears to be making up its own contract terms on a case by case basis," said Gary Almond, BBB President.

The Better Business Bureau says five others have complained to them about Truck Nation not refunding them.

The company's CEO, Rafael Gonzalez, did send us a contract filled out by a staffer, but with Jeff's signature on page 2.

"I know we didn't fill this out," said Oma.

But even if they did, look what it says.

"The student has the right to cancel.... and obtain a refund... through attendance at the first class session, or the 7th day after enrollment, whichever is later."

The contract which a staffer filled out also says the company has 45 days to refund the money minus $250.

Truck Nation's CEO admitted to us his company "had been struggling" and "thinks it was all a misunderstanding."

After we got inolved, he agreed to refund Jeff and Oma their money, minus a $250 registration fee.

When Jeff's ready for trucking school, he says he'll go elsewhere.

"I'll be able to finish what I started," said Jeff.

Jeff and Oma tell us their refund check finally arrived.

And by the way, no state agency regulates this trucking school because they charge less than $2500 for courses.

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