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Call Kurtis: Ticketmaster Canceled My Taylor Swift Tickets

A Taylor Swift fan from El Dorado Hills learned Ticketmaster canceled her tickets right before the big concert.

When she couldn't get the situation fixed and was afraid she'd miss the concert, her mom called Kurtis.

Her mom bought a whole bunch of tickets for family and friends.

But four days before the concert, this 13-year-old learned her ticket was no longer valid!

She's one of Taylor Swift's biggest fans... 13-year-old Gina Tarry even took up the guitar.

"This is my Taylor Swift Red bedspread... got my red shirt on too... these are my red bracelets," Gina shows us.

In November, the day Taylor's August concert at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento went on sale, mom Jacqueline bought ten tickets through Ticketmaster for family and friends.

"I was just so excited," said Gina.

"We got confirmation for every single one of them. They were charged on the credit card," said Jacqueline.

Four days before the big concert, they called Ticketmaster about where to pick up the tickets.

That's when Jacqueline learned two of them had been cancelled for going over the limit.

"We've never been so heartbroken, we've never seen her so heartbroken," said Jacqueline.

Scanning Ticketmaster's web site, itt did say "There is a 6 ticket limit for all presales and 4 for all VIP packages."

But she bought eight tickets and two VIPs.

Chris Morran with the Consumerist says if they were over the limit, he doesn't think Ticketmaster should allow the transactions to go through.

"It's amazing that this multibillion dollar company hasn't figured this out yet, this technology to stop people from ordering too many tickets," said Morran.

Ticketmaster tells us because Jacqueline bought her tickets in three separate transactions, the computer system allowed it to go through.

If it happened during one transaction, "the system will not allow more than the ticket limit, ever. It would absolutely deny the purchase."

They add: "We do send notification of cancelation if the buyer goes over the ticket limit."
-- Jacqueline Peterson, spokesperson

Jacqueline insists she never got any cancellation notice.

With just three days to go before the concert, time was running out and Gina was facing missing seeing her idol.

So we turned to Taylor Swift's people, explaining what happened.

And guess what? They and Ticketmaster came up with two VIP seats for Gina and her mom to buy.

"Thank you! This just means a lot to help us out," said Gina.

We were there the day of the concert!

Gina and all of her friends and family got to see her idol! She says she had an amazing time.

"She will always have this memory with her and I'll always have it with me," said Jacqueline.

"Thank you for being an inspiration to me," said Gina about Taylor Swift.

Jacqueline used a corporate credit card to buy the tickets and didn't realize Ticketmaster did credit her for the two canceled tickets way back in November because a staffer did the accounting instead.

Again in this case, she booked tickets in three separate transactions. Each of those transactions was within the limit!

It took Ticketmaster some time to realize it. That's when they canceled two of those tickets.

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