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Call Kurtis: They Installed The Wrong Door And Want To Charge Me To Fix It

A Sacramento viewer says Lowe's installed the wrong front door on her house, and when the company wanted to charge her to have the right one installed; it was time to call Kurtis.

The estimate Lowe's wrote up had the description for the door she wanted. So how did this go so wrong?

After 30 in the same home, Sylvia Thomas wants a new front door to give her home a fresh new face.

The Lowe's estimate shows what she wanted, a textured white door with a window and a polished brass trim. However, Lowe's instead installed a basic, unpainted door without any of the custom features she wanted.

"That's not what I wanted, and I paid all this money for a better door," Thomas said.

Turns out the product numbers on her receipt did not match the door listed on the estimate. Lowes agreed to swap out the door, but she'd have to pay for another installation, which she calls unacceptable.

"That's not my fault; that's your problem," she said.

Consumer attorney Stuart Talley says most consumers would believe the serial numbers on the contract were the same; and Lowe's isn't allowed to misrepresent the contract terms.

That's Lowe's fault; that's not the consumer's fault," he said.

After we got involved, Lowe's told us "In the interest of good customer service, we worked with her directly to resolve her concerns. She has selected another door that meets her needs and it will be installed at her home at no additional charge."

Thomas says the new door should arrive in the next week, restoring her faith in Lowe's.

"I will be a very happy camper," she said.

Consumers should always check receipts before signing anything to make sure it has an accurate description of what you ordered. If it's mostly numbers and codes, you can always ask the store to write in a description of the item.

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